Friday, July 12, 2013

Randolph Beer and One MILE House

We went to Randolph Beer
(not to be confused with The Randolph – same owner though).            
Randolph Beer is situated in between Nolita and the Lower East Side.
Randolph Beer offers patrons an incredible selection of American craft beers and impressive “New American” pub grub that foodies can give a nod to.
Try the fish and chips!
Is this place a craft beer drinker’s oasis?
No, but Randolph Beer can hold its’ own amongst the contenders coming into the NYC craft beer boxing ring. What makes Randolph Beer stand out, is it’s location….had this place been one block closer to the Lower East Side, this atmosphere would have been completely different!
Because Randolph Beer is closer to Nolita, this establishment is filled with wine drinkers who like to dabble with craft beer ideology and cocktail zealots who want to expand their quench palettes. Craft Beer aficionados may find this place a little stuffy and can find themselves annoyed at listening to patrons asking the bar tender what kind of craft beer it is they’re drinking, where it’s from and how it’s made.
Or, if you’re not sitting at the bar, you won’t be able to hear yourself scream because you will be exposed to dangerous levels of music decibels.
BUT…it’s a great place.
For more information on Randolph Beer, you can visit their website at:
After Randolph Beer, we mosey on over to our one of our very favorite spots….
One Mile House!
The craft beer list is double in size compared to Randolph Beer and offers patrons, not only American craft beers, but also many of the locally talented craft beers coming from Long Island, Upstate and the Five Boroughs!
Foodie Alert – yes, come here for their infamous Bacon Matzo Balls!
Why do we love this place?
Great beer, delicious, unique food and great environment!

Yes, it is LES, just a couple of blocks away from Nolita…
One Mile House is appeasing to the hipsters and craft beer enthusiasts!
 It’s one of the few places, where the two can happily co-exist and that’s because of this establishment's earthy ambience. 
Just like their Bacon Matzo Balls, a contradiction that works.
For more information on One Mile House, you can visit their website at:


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