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Support local NYC!
Williamsburg is home to a winery, a brewery and a distillery.
 The New York Distilling Company
We went on a tour at the New York Distilling Company and had samples of their up and coming Gin.
Based on the sample, expect a smooth start, then on the way down a turbulence of strong and clean flavor.

 Although relatively small for the industry, this facility is considered “massive” for Williamsburg.
It is beautiful, organized and modern.
The NY Distilling Company makes their own Gin, but has craft beers available at their “SHANTY” bar.
 There is live music on Saturdays and Sundays at 4pm.
Photo: Blue grass at the NY Distillery!
 They have a small offering of beers, but they are good beers.
We were fortunate enough to enjoy some brews and live blue grass music after our very informative tour.
The Shanty is known more for their cocktails and their gin…so, we were slightly out of our element. Unfortunately, they do not have any food available and food options are similar to that of food options in a desert – so come fed and full if you do plan on coming here.
(Two of us were smart enough to sneak in a couple of Hot Dogs from Crif Dogs Brooklyn before coming to the NY Distilling Company  - BTW, the hotdogs were absolutely delicious – which was no surprise).
***After consuming beer and gin, many of us developed ulcers and needed some food ASAP!***
We attempted to go to the Meat Ball Shop, but the wait was long and we were now in a state of emergency and our people needed to get food in them. There were recommendations on where to go, but our fearless leader, STEVE H., saw the conditions of our people and made the command decision of going next door to……SWEET CHICK!  
Our leader had led us to waffles and chicken heaven!
Photo by Steve H

None of us were familiar with this New American fried chicken joint, but the aroma that was emanating from Sweet Chick wrapped her arms around us and comforted us into this warm and quaint restaurant. Their woodsy, country décor granted us relief from the NYC heat wave and stress of starvation.
In only a few moments, we were seated and noticed immediately, that they had beer!
In fact, they had a rare find – GENNY LAGER – aka Genesee Red Lager.
Photo by Steve H
Most of us, of course, ordered the chicken and waffles and….

Photo by Steve H
Their butters alone was phenomenal!
Foodie Alert – I know many of you may be a little skeptical about fried chicken in Williamsburg, but you have to try it. Yes, it’s heavy, it’s rich, but not over done with sodium or underdone like the type of “fried chicken” you would find in most upscale restaurants. Like Goldilocks would say, “Ahh, just right!”
For more information on Sweet Chick, you can visit their website at:
After a happy dinner, we follow our noses (literally – the wonderful scent of Italian sausage and fried oreos fill the air) to the annual Mt.Carmel fair.
This was truly the best way to end a great day – a carnival!
Photo by Steve H
Photo by Steve H
Photo by Steve H
Photo by Steve H
Photo by Steve H
Photo by Steve H

See you at the next bar....

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