Saturday, June 15, 2013

Craft Beer?

If you just wanted to know...
What is a Craft Beer?
 Photo by Steve H
Basically - a beer from a limited supply.
 (Not a limited edition from a large brewery)
Example: A microbrewery can only produce so much of a product because of it's smaller size, capacity and capability, thus making their product rare and depending on the quality, more in demand.

Thursday, June 6, 2013


Craft Beer in Hell's Kitchen?
It's True!
Alfie's is a Craft Beer bar in Hell's Kitchen that dares to deviate from the traditional Irish Pubs that dominate the neighborhood!
The staff is wonderful!
We like coming here because of the friendly service!
Alfie's is still learning to walk when it comes to Craft Beers, but they are learning fast, soon enough they'll be running.
The owner, managers and staff are always looking to learn about craft beers and what brews they can bring into this part of the city that can satisfy the Hell's Kitchen crowd.
This blog does not talk about beers per say, we blog about the beerplotations of our group...

Alfies is a great find!
Decent beer menu.
a beautiful and cozy atmosphere that makes for a great night out with friends or even going out on a Match date.
Hells Kitchen has some catching up to do when it comes to craft beer bars, but we're sure Alfie's will help lead the way.
DIRECTIONS: Take the N, Q, R to the 57th/7th Ave stop OR the B, D, E to 7th Ave
For DRIVING or other directions, please go to:
For menus and more information on ALFIE'S, please visit their website at: