Thursday, May 9, 2013


Yesterday, we had a phenomenal time at Top Hops located on the Lower East Side of Manhattan! Top Hops lives up to it's name in selections of beers on tap and in bottles. Bigger inside than what you see from the outside, Top Hops has a bar area up front and bottles galore all over the place for sale. There are two tables with seating by the entrance and stools around the bar. In between the refrigerators are three tables for patrons to drink their purchases. They have small plates (cheese, pretzels...) if you get a little hungry.
The trains are only a couple of blocks away (J, M, Z, F - Delancey/Essex) and Top Hops is surrounded by eclectic and flavorful restaurants. Besides drinking and eating, there are touristy things to do like visiting the Tenement Museum and walking the Williamsburg Bridge.
Great atmosphere whether you're drinking alone, with strangers, your future ex-wife/ex-husband or your friends!
The staff is friendly, attentive and great. Our bartender was this super cool dude named Eric.
Now a little about us...
Craft Beers and Brews is a great group of crafty pubsters! What is it like drinking with us? Well, we drink good beer, STEVE - the Mastermind of this operation, is very entertaining and an individual that exists beyond anyone's imagination. We have the old school crew and the new school crew, all which has become regulars and friends. Drinking with us is like being on a TV Comedy Sitcom - a current day TV Comedy Sitcom!
Our next stop is RANDOLPH BEER....  


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