Monday, May 27, 2013


 …Or should we say BAH STAHN…we’ll just stick to “Boston”.
We planned a Boston beer adventure for the Memorial Day weekend.
Day 1
This adventure starts out with hotdogs!
 Photo by Steve H

NEW GUIDA'S Restaurant

484 Meriden Road, Middlefield, CT 06455 in Connecticut claims to be one of state’s best “10” inch hotdog. Not a 6 inch or an entire foot of hotdog, but 10 inches! They can stake such claim because their hotdogs are extraordinary. Finding "New" Guida’s was purely accidental, in search of gas and failing at finding one, the foodie Gods bestowed upon us a gem along our path to Boston.

With only drops of gas left in the tank, we knew it was more important to fuel the human tank, and since we got off the highway and find ourselves in the middle of nowhere…low and behold….HOTDOGS!
It was adorable and attractive! This little food shack immediately caught our attention and drew us in.
   Photo by Steve H
We were too famished to read what was plastered all over this establishment about having the “Best Hot Dogs in Connecticut”. Initially, we ordered lunch specials (which were delicious but not meeting our craft beer stomach standards of portion) after having some food in us and regaining some our senses, we finally noticed the their big claim….SO…we had to do it and have these great hotdogs!
Photo by Steve H
We highly recommend New Guida’s Restaurant for those who ever finds themselves in this part of town for whatever reason.

We make our way to Boston, or actually, we make our way to Cambridge where we will be having staying during the trip and where we will be having our first beer of the weekend.
92 Hampshire St  Cambridge, MA 02139
 Amazing hamburgers and of course and impressive selection and offering of local New England beers. 
1 Kendall Square #100  Cambridge, MA 02139  
New England beers have that extra crisp to them.

They have outstanding brews and amazing concoctions, such as their "Banryu Ichi" - the offspring between the mating of a beer and a sake! 
Photo by Steve H
40 Prospect St  Cambridge, MA 02139
Photo by Steve H
 These guys are awesome and they got to pick on Mr.Steve H., the fearless leader of Craft Beers and Brews.


Photo by Steve H

Photo by Steve H

Photo by Steve H

Photo by Steve H
Day 2
350 Massachusetts Ave  Cambridge, MA 02139
Photo by Steve H

Photo by Steve H

Photo by Steve H 

We decide to do touristy things...
Photo by Steve H

Photo by Steve H

Photo by Steve H

We weren’t that pathetic….we did NOT go to CHEERS! 
  ....and then....
Photo by Steve H
 we had dinner at
88 Sleeper St  Boston, MA 02210
Photo by Steve H

Photo by Steve H

 Photo by Steve H
The LAST DAY, on our last day, we had brunch in Cambridge, then we decided to travel to Salem, Massachusetts to do our tourist thing and look for witches and brews.
472 Massachusetts Ave  Cambridge, MA 02139

Not what one would think. The Middle East is an eclectic, hipster bar – restaurants – music-venue (yes, all that in one). We came here for Brunch and they did satisfy Craft Beer belly standards.
Photo by Steve H
Photo by Steve H

Beer and Wine shop -  Meades, wines and beer local to the area and only available in the area. We are ready to go in and start the shopping spree…until a young Australian man, an employee stops us in our tracks and gently breaks the news to us….In the State of Massachusetts, alcohol is not allowed to be sold on Memorial Day. Yes, we were there ON Memorial Day and we cannot buy alcohol!
Photo by Steve H
278 Derby St Salem, MA 01970
Photo by Steve H
Photo by Steve H


Photo by Steve H   
We concluded the trip with strolls throughout the town and buying souvenirs from T-Shirt shops.
Photo by Steve H

Photo by Steve H

Photo by Steve H

Until next time…which should be at Foley’s NYC, Alfies and a rescheduled The Randolph……



Saturday, May 18, 2013


Brewery Saturday!
We had planned on several breweries, but alas, we were able to fit two into our busy beer day!
The two breweries in the far away lands of Queens were worth the visit and satisfied our brewery hunger.
Our first brewery was of course the highly anticipated, the next big thing, the Brooklyn Brewery of Queens....SINGLECUT Beersmiths in Astoria!

Yes, we have read the hype on all the blogs, on all the city mags and social networks and we finally made it!
And of course, we had the sampler!

This infant is already walking....still in it's infancy, Singlecut is making beers that can stand up to older Long Island siblings.
Beer Snoots will appreciate Singlecut's "Billy's Full Stack IPA"!
The space is massive for a NYC brewery.
It's beautiful, comfortable, clean, sleek, there's a piano, an elevated space for bands to play and a spot on the wall where they can play movies.
(The hipsters and tourists haven't invaded yet....yet)
Small plates and cheese pairings are available.
A visit to Singlecut will not only be delicious, but enjoyable and pleasant!
For more information on SingleCut Beersmiths, please visit their website at:
On the other side of town...LIC
We visit the very inconspicuous ROCKAWAY BREWING COMPANY
This place was as easy to find as a prohibition era speakeasy!
Rockaway Brewing Company is your basic brewery (mico-brewery) - which makes this place freaking AWESOME!
No red carpet, no wannabes, no "I read it in TimeOut NY", no restaurant, no art gallery, no performing circus clowns....pretty much...
If you can find the creative mural that leads you to their red door, you will be greeted by the very knowledgeable and earnest, Flint.
You can try to school this fellow, but he knows his stuff!
He was warm and friendly and gave us a tour of this clandestine-like operation.
They have a tasting counter, growlers for sale and an impressive beer can collection.
We were welcomed to complimentary samples and...
We love their beers and we simply, just love this place.
 No food menu and food is not available for sale.
-They offer free pretzels and dog biscuits-
They will be moving to a larger space, so one might look forward to a contemporary tasting room and a space suitable for "trendy" needs! 
For more information on the Rockaway Brewing Company, please visit their website at:
We took an excursion to Brouwerji Lane beer merchants located in Greenpoint, Brooklyn (in fact, we walked from the Rockaway Brewing Company to this place)....
They have an extensive beer selection.
They have a cozy indoor and an outdoor tasting area.
We love that they offer small pours for the beer explorer that wants to sample everything on tap without ending up on the floor.
Does anybody know how to pronounce Brouwerji?
For more information on Brouwerji Lane, please visit their website at:
Join us on our next adventure...
We will be going to The Randolph!
See you there!